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How much does it cost?

All pricing is handled through riding plans. Upon account registration, you will be required to select a plan. For more details on pricing, please see the Plans section. Charges are incurred for entire period the bike is checked out.

How do I checkout a bike?

  1. Download the Bloom Bikesharing app to your phone
  2. Locate bikes at Hotel Saint George or Marfa Public Radio
  3. Click Checkout to see available bikes
  4. To checkout a bike, click the lock icon with the number corresponding to the bike
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

SAFETY TIP: Before riding, please check over the bike to ensure that the brakes are working and that the seat is adjusted for your height. Remember to wear a helmet, follow all traffic laws and ride safely.

What should I do if I don’t see any bikes on the Checkout a Bike tab?

Our system uses bluetooth allowing your smartphone to communicate with the bike. If your app is not showing any bikes and you are within several feet of a station with bikes, please try the following troubleshooting options until the bikes appear:

  1. Check that the bike you are trying to rent is pushed all the way into the rack as the bike will not display if it is not fully locked. If the bike was not pushed in all the way, push it in, wait 10 seconds, and see if the bike appears on screen.
  2. Close and restart the app. Wait 10 seconds on the checkout screen to allow the app to load available bikes.
  3. Close the app and restart bluetooth on your device. Once bluetooth is restarted reopen the app.
  4. If Options 1-3 do not resolve the issue, restart your smartphone and then open the app.

If all of these options fail, please email

What do the station colors mean?

Stations colors are to help you know how many bikes / racks are at a station.

Green - The station is a great spot to rent or return a bike.
Red - The station is low or out of bikes but is a great spot to return a bike.
Blue - The station is low on racks but is a great spot to rent a bike.
Gray - The station is currently inactive.

How do I return a bike?

You can return your bike by locking it at any station. Stations can be found by using the map on the Find a Bike tab. To return and lock the bike, move the front tire into the wheel guide as straight as possible to make docking easier. With the front tire in the wheel guide, move the bike forward so that the rack pin goes into the lock module on the fork of the bike.

Now that the bike is locked, our servers will be signaled to end your rental. A locked bike ends your rental.

Who is responsible for the bike?

You are responsible for the bike from the time it is unlocked until it is reported as returned to a station by our server. Your app will receive a notification to confirm that the bike has been returned. If the bike is stolen or determined to be missing while checked out to you, you will be charged $2000.

I found a bug in your App. What do I do?

If you find a bug in the app, please contact: Please only contact this address with app issues, all other issues should be directed at the system operator at:

Additional concerns/help?

Please contact your system operator at: